Photography by Denise Elfenbein

my story

‚ÄčI discovered photography in 1994 with my first black and white film photography class at Yavapai College, in Prescott, Arizona and I was hooked! 

Even then, my favorite subject to photograph were bands performing and that fact still remains. 

From weddings and portraits to food events and rock concerts, I have dabbled in many subjects. I love shooting concerts, food still life, abstracts in nature, and street photography. 

Every year, my vision of photography shifts, but my love for concert photography and performing arts never ceases to exist.  

My eye is drawn to patterns, shapes, colors and textures that I feel compelled to capture.  Every step of my day, I see art and abstract images in nature. 

I prefer to capture images in natural and ambient lighting.  You get a sense of a raw & rustic feel to my food, people & concert photos.   

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