Stellar Photography, llc

Stellar Photography, llc

 Stellar ˈstelər/
of or relating to a star or stars.  (Like 'rock stars' . . . that is!)

It all started with me photographing musicians and concerts. The musicians were asking me to capture their weddings and then they referred me to others.  

My photography career evolved from there!  I am passionate about music and the performing arts. ​

I also love to photograph food and table top product for advertising and editorial.  I capture all those tiny details in every photographic event. 

  • Bryan and Amie Lewis: 
    • You are so awesome! Thank you again for everything. 
      When you pay someone for a service, it is so much greater to get personality and friendship with that service, and you're a really great human being along with being a great photographologist 
      What happened yesterday we've waited all our lives for. You've placed it on exquisite, permanent record to remind us of how it began. Your friends always, Bryan and Amie Lewis (July 4th, 2015, wedding)

  • Carrie Geisler-Palles: 
    • ​​So now that marriage is obtainable for all my Gay homies out there.. I would like to give a shout out to our wonderful photographer Denise Elfenbein with Stellar Photography. She will not only be a great photographer for a wedding you might now be thinking about having, but she is also a total sweet heart! So keep her in mind if you happen to get hitched.
  • Teddy Samaan:
    • ​ Burr & I second that, she saved ours by being called in the same day, when our photographer bailed on us. An angel indeed, one who takes stellar photos, but more importantly, captures unique moments.​
  • Tina Rene Trantham Ortiz, 2015:
    • "Amazing and fun to work with!!! Thank you so much for capturing our special day!"
  • Misty Mae Linnell-Pack, 2015:
    • "What an awesome and down to earth photographer!!"
  • Lana Parker Wood, 2015: 
    • “Denise did a wonderful job for our wedding pics.  I would recommend that you use her.” 
  • Candee Wooten, 2014:
    •  “Fun. Creative. Efficient. Professional. Love getting my photos with Denise.  I’ve been a client for 18 years now! Always more than satisfied.” 
  • Derek Palosaari, 2010. Little League individual photos: 
    • “Denise has exemplified all the traits an owner could ever hope for in an employee. She was never late, always had all of the equipment needed to do the job and best of all took constructive criticism extremely well. She always shared her ideas and did the work just as directed. I would recommend Denise for any position; employee, manager, supervisor or photographer. She has people skills and carries herself with professionalism and confidence.”   
  • Jennifer Becker, Graphic Designer of Graphics Gal, 2010: 
    • “Denise continues to amaze me. I have worked with her on projects for over four years now and she is always willing to go the extra mile. She is a very creative individual and a pleasure to speak with on the phone. She has great customer service skills.” 
  • Mary Lin, Director of PR and Marketing at Prescott College, 2011: 
    • “Denise brings an attitude of curiosity, can-do, and an ever sunny disposition to new endeavors. While an employee in the department that I managed, she performed valuable work both in an administrative capacity and as a photographer.  The organization will reap benefits from her work for years to come.” 
  • Jessica Hyder, Children’s portraits:
    • “The picture Denise took of my daughter are the best I have ever had taken.  She is great to work with and she gets the shots that no one else would think of taking.”
  • Janeen Marie Bradley, colleague: 
    • “One of the best photographer that I know!! Hands down!!” 
  • Scott Mies, author portrait;
    • “Awesome, expressive photography…Denise is the eye of the camera and sees the power, tenderness and raw emotion whether it’s pounding metal bands in action or an OM-filled sunrise.” 
  • Gary Quist, colleague:
    • “I recommend Denise’s work emphatically.”
  • Todd Murdock, Trinity Records:
    • “Denise is one hell of a photographer. With Murdock’s Trinity Records, we have seen her work over the years and stellar!”
  • Maggie Fields, Wedding client, 2012:
    • “Denise made the most special day of my life one I will never forget! Our wedding photos were all I wanted and more!”
  • Chrys Armijo, 2012, friend and colleague:
    • “Denise is one of the most creative people I know. Fresh ideas, innovative concepts, and the skills to bring those to life.”
  • Jayne Chisholm, 2012, Colleague overseas:
    • “Denise is talented in many fields and her work is always outstanding. Clever, amicable, trustworthy. Someone who always gets the job done.”​